Hi, my name is Beata Wilczek 👋

I work in fashion and tech as a researcher, educator and strategist.
I specilize in building projects for digital, diverse and sustainable fashion futures.

↳ a Founder and Director at Unfolding Strategies
↳ a Host at the Fashion Knowledge Podcast
↳ a PhD candidate at the ADBK Wien

↳ a Head of Impact at The Dematerialised
↳ Associate Lecturer at AMD Berlin, SOF Warsaw and ESMOD Berlin

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10/07/24                DMU Creative                                      Web 3.0 Fashion Synthesis

22/06/24                 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna       Re/vision Fashion 

07/06/24                 Parsons School of Design             Unravelling Fashion Narratives

10/04/24                 London College of Fashion            Fashion Becoming ↱

01/06/23                 Copenhagen Fashion Week          Digital Fashion Summit ↱

02/06/23                 WEB3 Live London                            Future of Fashion ↱

07/11/23                 AlphaTauri x Telekom                     Feeling the Heat ↱

26/07/23                 The Berlin Fashion Hub                  VORN Academy II Loom ↱

02/06/23                 WEB3 Live London                            Future of Fashion ↱

01/06/23                 Aalto Helsinki                                     Woke Fashion Feed

28/04/23                 Google x Fashion Revolution       Digital Sustainability in Fashion

14/04/23                 Parsons Paris x LCF                        Digital Fashion Symposium

29/03/23                 DigiFashion Forum Taiwan          Keynote: Bridging Worlds ↱

24/03/23                 Fotografiska Museum                   Cultural Fabric ↱

14/03/23                 Responsible Fashion Series        Digital Fashion and Cultural Heritage ↱

10/02/23                 PARSONS Paris                                 Body in Web3: Intersectional Avatars

09/02/23                 Farfetch Twitter Space                 Latest Trends in Digital Fashion ↱

18/01/23                 Berlin Fashion Summit                  Fashion and Culture in Web3 ↱

02/12/22                 Immersive Tech Week                   Virtual Fashion & Virtual Bodies ↱

09/11/22                 WEIFT Podcast                                 Future Proofing Fashion ↱

26/10/22                 The Berlin Fashion Hub                 VORN Academy Innovation Lab ↱

20/10/22                 LJM University                                 Metaverse Ethics Symposium

11/10/22                 Vogue & BCG                                      Business Fashion Environment Summit ↱

07/09/22                 Berlin Fashion Summit                  Phygital Fashion

07/09/22                 DRHA Conference 2022                Digital Sustainability

07/07/22                 Fashion Tech                                      Fashion Industry enters the Metaverse ↱

22/06/22                 Warsaw Stock Exchange             Designing in a Digital World ↱

17/06/22                 Aarhus University                           Digital Fashion in the Metaverse ↱

31/05/22                 Central Saint Martins                    Blockchain in Art and Fashion ↱

21/04/22                 Fashion Revolution Week             New Fashion Systems ↱

11/10/22                 University of Antwerp                    Responsible Fashion Series

01/10/21                 Fashion Multilogue                         Teaching Fashion Together

Beata Wilczek works across fashion and tech as a researcher, educator and strategist. She is an advocate for sustainability, digital transformation and systemic change in fashion and creative industries. In 2021 she founded a fashion consultancy and education labd Unfolding Strategies and in 2021-2022 served as a Head of Impact at the NFT marketplace The Dematerialised. Wilczek has academic background in Social Psychology (MA), Fashion Studies (PhD, to be completed in 2023), Digital Cultures and Curating (MA).
She has been teaching for over 10 years at various universities worldwide and in past held Guest Prof. at the University of Virginia (Digital Design), co-wrote an MA program in Social Design and Sustainable Innovation (Berlin/Beirut) and gave talks on fashion in London, Warsaw, Tokyo, Mexico City and Beirut. In years 2007-2017 she worked extensively as a fashion art director, VR film concept developer and contemporary art curator on projects for such clients as Uniqlo, Diesel, Moncler, Novembre, Marco Brambilla Studio, Space Doctors, Contemporary Museum Wroclaw, Design Gallery BWA.


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